Some of Warren's Milestones
by Catherine E. Park
[from her red covered Five Year Diary]
Sept. 1, 1946Warren flu!
Sept. 3Warren's first troublesome cold.
Sept. 11Warren in high chair for 3rd & most successful time.
Sept. 20Warren's 5 month picture, rolls over from back lying position, 1st time.
Sept. 21Warren weighed 19 lb. 5 oz.
Sept. 28Warren thumps mouth with rt. fist for pastime.
Oct. 8Warren's 1st leather boots & new brown corduroy suit. Warren drank from glass.
Oct. 20Warren 6 mos., 20 lb. 15 oz.
Oct. 21Warren sick - too much prune juice.
Oct. 22Warren better.
Nov. 11Betty bathes Warren. Warren holds glass.
Nov. 27Warren tilts head, squints, grins affectedly, says di-da.
Dec. 7Warren vocalizing & pounding mouth. Warren's 1st tooth.
Dec. 8Warren unable to be in baptismal service. Ear syringing.
Dec. 20Warren's 2nd tooth.
Dec. 24Warren - 3rd tooth on or about this date.
Dec. 27Warren pulls himself up to sitting posture in stroller, pulls nipple off bottle, flooding stroller bed.
Jan. 1947Warren sits up well, rolls on tummy so much when lying that it's easier to dress him standing up or sitting on my lap.
Jan. 1Warren's 4th tooth.
Jan. 6Warren's 5th tooth.
Jan. 13Warren's last bottle.
Jan. 14Warren's 6th tooth?
Jan. 15Warren objects to milk from glass.
Jan. 15Warren stands by crib side.
Jan. 21Warren stiffens, refusing to sit when he wants to stand.
Jan. 24Warren vomiting.
Jan. 27Warren coughing, no appetite.
Jan. 28Warren crying & restless all day.
Jan. 29Warren pneumonia, better at night.
Jan. 30Warren fair, poorly in p.m. Drinks thin orange syrup only.
Jan. 31Warren cheerful except when tired of coughing.
Jan.-Feb.Warren grinding teeth, imitating syringe's sound, patting, batting, leaning forehead on me, dragging himself along floor by leaning over right forearm, knees helping, tongue click, tongue out, smacking on lower lip, samples everything by mouth, crawls after toy, pushes things over edge of tub-table, shakes or bangs toys for noise.
Feb. 1Last of 4-day sulfa drug course for Warren.
Feb. 2Warren eats a little junket.
Feb. 3Warren burns hand, seems worse, routine in full again, includes steaming now. Warren drinks milk.
Feb. 8Pneumonia gone!
Feb. 9Warren on whole milk.
Feb. 12Warren in swing again. Warren sucks lower lip, da, mum, nun are favourite syllables, shows off, pivots on stomach, bounces on feet, up on knees in crib, etc.
Feb. 13Warren leans forehead against one, smacks lower lip, imitates sound of syringe.
Feb. 14Warren's 1st "sit-up" outing, box on sleigh.
Feb. 16Warren baptized in C.C.
Feb. 28Warren diphtheria & wh. cough toxoid, 1st dose.
March 16Warren plays with cupboard contents, nearly knocks ironing board on himself.
March 18Warren stands in crib, pulling himself up. Warren pulls knees under sometimes while creeping.
March 21Toxoid, 2nd dose, wh. cough & diphtheria combined.
March 24Warren staying awake all morning now. Warren pivots about while sitting in tub, sucks washcloth.
March 27Warren walks behind slow-moving stroller, Robert in control.
March 28Warren peek-a-boo in high chair with Wilford, bib before face.
March 29Often on knees while holding edge of low obj., e.g. stair step.
April 1Warren stands in stroller.
April 10Warren "swimming" well.
April 19Warren tries to fasten snap hook.
April 21Warren feeds himself orange.
April 22Warren creeps 2 "steps" on knees.
April 29Warren falls from overtipped stroller.
April 30Warren creeps.
MaySometime in May Warren pushing & pulling stroller, stands with slight support.
May 3Warren blows whistle.
May 24Warren in pen outdoors.
June 7Warren's 7th tooth, claps hands to copy Jim.
July 19Warren 9 steps. Soaked his sore foot.
July 20Sunned Warren's sore foot.
July 21Warren practising hard at walking. Scab off foot but sore healing.
Aug. 2Warren to Dr. Gerhard's, put on penicillin.
Aug. 3Warren's temp. 103°+ at 8:30 p.m.
Aug. 4Warren much better.
Aug. 5Warren capers till nearly 12:30 a.m. on train & at Carleton Place station during wait. Home around 3:00 a.m.
Aug. 12Warren steps into clothes.
Oct. Warren dancing, climbing stairs standing, "swimming" in bathtub, singing to himself, practising "steps", closing doors.
Oct. 1Warren chicken pox.
Oct. 23Warren locked bathroom door.
Oct. 24Warren sick after whooping cough & diphtheria injection.
Feb. 22, 1949Warren & Gene penicillin.
Aug. 16Warren & Gene awol to past ice house, spotted by truck driver Seymour.