These are the Mountains

Tune - St.Thomas - 397

1. A century of Life
Is ours to celebrate,
And faith and deeds of other days
With joy commemorate.
2. One hundred years our church
Has stood, a beacon bright,
To guide the feet of young and old
To Christ, the living light.
3. Past years our fathers walked
In ways that Jesus trod,
And served by true discipleship
The holy will of God.
4. New days are here, and call
For liberated powers,
And new must be our joy to serve
In this great church of ours.
5. A world that longs for love
In us this love must see,
That honoured past may prelude be
To future victory.
Clifford G. Park
January 20th, 1974
Note to Wilford
St. Thomas is 
Tune 5 or 294 in 
your United Methodist
Hymn Book. Best known
to the Hymn - 
"Come we that love the Lord...."

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St. Luke 15: 29,31        

1.  Not mine to climb high mountains steep,
      Or blaze new trails through valleys deep:
    But mine to walk the common way, 
      With God, the God of everyday.

2.  Familiar tasks my hours employ, 
      But daily duties I enjoy - 
    To gladly serve is my good part - 
      While God's 'Well done' sings in my heart.

3.  Like birds in air, or fish in sea, 
      In God I live, exult, and be:
    So long he's held my hand in his, 
      I ask no better life than this.

4.  The pardoned sinner's rhapsody, 
      The charismatic's ecstasy, 
    I may not feel. Enough to see
      God's love in Christ redeeming me.

5.  In my small world, Lord help me live 
      The strong straight life that faith can give,
    And may my love and joy o'erflow 
      To all who would Christ's fullness know!

                           Rev. Clifford G. Park 
                                    April - 1980

               * * * * * * * * *