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About The Woman Executive
My autographed copy of this book bears the inscription by my father "To Robert from Dad and Mom, May 1979." Years later my stepmother decided the book was "not very good", according to my brother Warren. She wanted him to discard the remaining copies of the book which he had, apparently embarassed to allow it to fall into public hands. Nevertheless, any family member who wishes can still obtain a copy. (As of June 2006 I have several copies to give away.) The book is of interest not for literary merit, but for what it reveals about Evelyn as a person. The dust jacket calls the book is a "bittersweet novel" about two doctors, Dr. Ed Wood and Dr. Eve Hart. Ed's "health began to deteriorate in the cold climate of their northern city home and he spoke longingly of the day that Eve could take an early retirement and they could move together to a warmer location. Eve was now faced with the most crucial and heartbreaking decision of her life to give up the career she found fulfillment in, or to leave the man whose love and generosity not only brought her personal happiness, but gave reinforcement to her professional life." It seems clear that the similarity to the author's personal life is not coincidental. In the Postscript to his autobiography, Clifford Park describes it as a "semi-biographical mixture of fact and fiction, with a dash of domestic friction thrown in [to] heighten reader-interest".
Robert Park