Letters by Family Members

Letters written by William M. Leonard to Catherine and Wilford
Nov. 10, 1949
Shocked by move to U.S.
Jan. 16, 1951
Funeral for Montie's wife Lena
Jan. 30, 1951
Not recognized by Leta/Robert in Boy Scouts/Betty excelling in public speech
Feb. 22, 1951
Wilford well and back to work/Robert's strange shy streak/Wesley's speach on The History of Marriage
Aug. 25, 1951
Wesley in Fiji, New Zealand/Douglas wields frying pan
Sept. 18, 1951
Betty about to marry/Douglas's feminine playmates/Robert and Jim shedding shells/preached to 4 on Sunday/Wesley bought motorcycle
Nov. 10, 1951
Douglas working as welder/Wilford talking about moving to Texas
Dec. 4, 1951
Children spoiled with too many Christmas presents/Clifford taking in Gordon/Montie in hospital/Wesley showing his color slides
Dec. 19, 1951
Alastaire & Jay romp when they ought to "Cuddle Doon"/Judith real smart, can read/deep snow
Jan. 3, 1952
3 foot snow drifts/Henderson visit
Mar. 3, 1952
Catherine studying Spanish/Montie's visit/Doug's car smashed, his Catholic girl/Jim moody with fallen arches
April 3, 1952
Grandchildren recovered from measles/offer to pay for trip to Minneapolis/Wesley in 250 voice choir, sent tape recording
April 26, 1952
Evelyn & Eric to move from Toronto to Ottawa/train to Minneapolis in May/Wesley has departed Auckland for Christchurch/Edith teaching English to Chinese boy/little preaching now
Sept. 19, 1952
Jim getting better grip on school work/Trilby singing feathers off/photos of changes in Chengtu campus, now in Communist hands, cruelty to Chinese Christians, suicide/Catherine's pretend radio broadcast in Fairground church/Warren's eyesight improving/Hildegards's froglike creeping
Oct. 6, 1952
Wesley seeing glaciers/their Mandarin not understood by Cantonese speaking visiting Chinese family so they used English
April 4, 1953
Robert's report card/Cowans plan move to Winnipeg/Henderson music in new Ottawa home
April 17, 1953
Douglas took friends to University of Life/Watson Park in hospital/Wilford weighs 142 lbs/thought too old to drive
July 13, 1953
Douglas getting Indian motorcycle/Warren grips keyboard when he hears a tune he likes/can't drive car/Cowans have fine home in Winnipeg
Aug. 26, 1953
Tour of Ottawa with Evelyn/car trouble/tried to sell Dodge for $375/Betty's prospective cherub
Nov. 4, 1953
Catherine's Christian Home article/Warren's accident/Wesley's bad fall/tried to carry everybody in church work for 12 years, found they liked to work a willing horse to death/Dodge up on blocks for the winter
Dec. 2, 1953
Clipping about Wilford on study wall/James' crystal set/Wesely has sewing machine
Dec. 26, 1953
Daily walk to post office, 3/4 mi. each way/Douglas home on Christmas leave from army/Wesley worries
Mar. 19, 1954
Wilford 17 days in hospital + 3 weeks home rest/fear Warren may have rheumatic fever/William on crutches, foot in cast/Hector broke arm in school tussle
Mar. 30, 1954
Cherub Linda/Eric buys the Dodge/Edith visited with siblings Evelyn, Alfred and Herbert at the Maples
April 13, 1954
Cast off/22 voices in church choir/Toronto Subway opened/more advice for Robert & James
April 24, 1954
Photos of Linda received/Murray's "original" mother visited
July 8, 1954
Betty and Murray depart for Fredericton/Douglas to wed in Colorado/recalls being in the Highland Light Infantry in Scotland over 50 years earlier/Edith attended college 50th reunion/Robert's deep voice/James interested in nature/Warren to be pianist/Wesley studying theology
July 26, 1954
Edith just out of hospital/Robert's operation/Wilford's health
Sept. 3, 1954
Concern over Wilford's hospitalizations/Henderson family visited with the Dodge/first preaching engagement in 15 months/Cowan's visit to Minneapolis
Sept. 22, 1954
Montie and his wife visited/Bert chief at CBC/Wesley seeking position as Mechanical Missionary in Solomon Islands
Oct. 25, 1954
Wilford well/Catherine's good health report/Wesley weighs 136 lbs.
Nov. 12, 1954
Catherine's Spanish, interest in going south/recalls getting on better with the Chinese when he knew the language better/Eric's field work in Labrador/no prostate operation/finishing 27" high, 3x2 foot table using walnut from The Maples for Edith
Dec. 15, 1954
Edith has cataracts/Alice painting/Wesley to go to Solomon Islands as missionary/non-Anglo Saxons and the movement toward a very undesirable dictotorhsip/Herb living at The Maples and driving nice Packard/just got $25.95 vacuum cleaner, a fine labor-saver for Edith
Jan. 14, 1955
Catherine's tests to find cause of illness/Edith's sciatica/William's hearing loss/Alastaire progressing musically, getting over tic/grandchildren skating/Wesley touring Australia before 21 days at sea to reach Solomon Islands
Feb. 5, 1955
Catherine's passing
Feb. 17, 1955
Moved by Warren's wee letter/wish to keep very precious description of journey from Chengtu to Chungking that Catherine wrote at 13/Catherine's poems
Aug. 30, 1955
"We are very much surprised to learn that you are to be re-married on Sept. 23rd." "We appreciate your motive in having such a partner to mother your boys thru their teen-age period."