Written by Wilford E. Park in Betty Ponder's baby book1

July 24/34

Mama died on July 5, 1934 of septicemia and septic pneumonia after 9 days illness. She was born on Aug. 8, 1901 and was married on Sept. 18, 1926. She was a small woman about 5 ft 1 inch tall and weight about 103 lbs. She was a wonderful wife and mama. She thought Betty was the sweetest and most precious thing that ever happened. She used to sew and make the most beautiful things for Betty. She often said she hoped Betty would grow up to be a good and beautiful girl. She thought Betty might want to be a nurse because she always wanted to and didn't. Mama was always happy and cheerful. She seemed to brighten things up wherever she went. Everyone loved her and felt better for knowing her. She was the nearest thing to an angel Daddy ever saw. Mama and Daddy were always very much in love and their married life was just one long honeymoon. Douglas and Betty were born into a home filled with love and happiness blessed with God's divine favour. Mama was a beautiful and good woman like her own mother. When she was so desperately sick she kept talking about the Big Doll and doll buggy we had bought together for Betty a few days before to celebrate her coming birthday. Betty knew her in the coffin and knew she was gone to live with Jesus.

1 Photocopy of handwritten entry in Betty's baby book mailed by her to Robert March 2020. Betty and Douglas' mother, Lila Marshman Park, was Wilford's first wife.