Robin's Collection of Elephant Jokes        

What are the largest ants in the world?

How do you make an elephant laugh?
Tickle its ivories!

How do you make an elelphant stew?
Keep it waiting for two hours!

How can you tell an elephant from spagetti?
The elephant doesn't slip off the end of your fork!

What brings baby elephants?
Big storks!

What's gray and comes in a bottle?
Liquid Elephant!

What's as big as an elephant but doesn't weigh anything?
An elephant's shadow!

What happens when you cross an elephant with a cow?
I don't know - but you have to stand up to milk it!

What would you do if an elephant sat in front of you in the movies?
Miss most of the picture!

"Take that elephant away! I know he won't bite, but he keeps tasting me!"