Robin's SUPER ANIMAL Joke Book

Where was the gorilla when the lights went out?
In the dark.

What did the judge say when a skunk entered the courtroom?
"Odor in the court!"

What was the king of the jungle called?
The emper-ROAR.

Why did Silly Billy wash his rabbit?
Because someone said his hare was dirty.

What happened when a lion swallowed a flash-light?
He hiccuped with de light

How do rabbits travel?
In a hareplane, of course!

What did the racoon say after he flew from California to New York?
"Boy! My arms are tired."

Why are elephants large, gray, and wrinkled?
Because if they were small, round, and white, they would be asperin.

What did the Bear do when it hurt its foot?
Called the toe truck.

What animal are you like when you take a bath?
A little bear (bare).

What does a cat read every morning?
The Mews-paper.

Why do chimps like bananas?
Because they have apeel.

What did TARZAN say when he saw some lions coming?
"Here come the lions!"

The End