(Except for the first two entries, these notes were recorded in my 1982/83 Pocket Planner. They cover Ian from birth to two years and five months.)

Some of Ian's Milestones
by Robert Park

11/15/82 Ian Wesley born 6:12 pm, 7 lb. 6 oz., 19 ½ in.

11/21/82 Ian was held aloft by Mom at Prairie Sunday morning and received a standing ovation.

1/16/83 Welcoming ceremony for Ian (and others) at Prairie

1/23/83 Photo of Ian in tubby with Barb's camera (400 ASA)

4/17/83 Ian drank cider from (for the 1st time) a cup without spilling a drop. He said "hi" to Rick R. 3 times.

4/22/83 Ian rolled himself up in a small blanket, lying on extended arms with it over his head.

4/24/83 Ian repeatedly got up and rocked on his hands and knees today.

5/1/83 Ian is beginning to move forward on his hands and knees.

5/31/83 Ian stood up with his hands on the red bean bag chair.

6/1/83 Ian did a leaning stand with his hands on the case of the old Corona typewriter.

6/4/83 Ian climbed on top of Corona typewriter case, perching there on his hands and knees.

6/6/83 Ian seemed to repeat "Daddy" after me in a small voice on the diaper changing table. He seemed proud of himself. He got down from the new "cruising shelf" by the front windows by putting his hand down on the rug. He also picked an object up from the floor while standing at this shelf.

7/18/83 Ian reached up to the piano keys and played a note (leaning against the piano bench) after Mischa had played the piano and left.

7/21/83 Offered a chance to nurse, Ian shook his head, and said "ya" when asked if he wanted to play.

7/24/83 Ian twice climbed to the top of the stairs at Prairie.

7/26/83 Ian reached his finger tip on to the kitchen table (the maple drop-leaf table).

8/14/83 By now Ian can reach the piano keys while standing and has played a few notes.

8/16/83 Ian continues to make noises with his mouth over the top of any container, the vacuum hose, etc. Nearby lightning does not phase him.

9/4/83 At 11:30 am in the Prairie UU Socety preschool play room, Ian took his first unsupported step, then sat down, while moving away from Daddy. Later, at 1 pm at the Capitol Park Food Fair Day, he took a step while plunging toward Mommy.

9/8/83 Ian clapped his hands several times and then his thights while standing at the kitchen pot cupboard.

9/10/83 Ian stood after squating to pick up his rattle.

9/20/83 Ian took 4 steps toward Robin's birthday presents and his brothers.

9/22/83 Ian took about 6 little steps toward Shelly in the hall at his mom's work.

10/1/83 Ian can now reach things on the edge of his mom's dresser by standing on tiptoe.

10/5/83 In his high chair, Ian held a hair delicately between finger and thumb of his right hand and pulled it taught with his left hand 2 or 3 times to inspect it. Also on this day, he took 7 steps toward me, with a squat in the middle.

10/12/83 Ian demonstrated his walking ability for the movie camera on the patio. He also squatted to pick up a frisbee and stood up with it.

11/26/83 Ian climbed from his mom's metal file box on to a little two drawer dresser, 14 inches above the top of the file box.

1/7/83 Ian climbed up on the blue kitchen chair (which has no rungs).

1/8/84 Ian finally achieved a goal that had been eluding him. He climbed to the top of the metal step stool, unassisted, with the steps folded in. He has been climbing other chairs daily (sometimes falling off).

2/8/84 Copying Mischa, Ian jumped off the toy box 4 times. On the 4th jump he bumped into Mischa and cried. On the 5th time he held out his arms for me to catch him and the next time he decided to climb down, feet first.

2/12/84 Ian climbed up onto the bouncy horse and, holding the handles, put both stocking feet on the saddle several times, bouncing once or twice before sitting down.

2/13/84 Today I discovered Ian on the kitchen counter with his hand in the cookie jar. A chair was next to the kitchen table and it was next to the counter.

9/7/84 When given an odd number, Ian can give the even number which follows it, for most numbers between 2 and 8.

11/1/84 A milestone was achieved in Syracuse, where Ian pooped in the toilet for the first time.

11/22/84 In our bed, Ian said "Sorry, I bumped you". By now, he often says "Thank you" when he is handed something.

11/23/84 Ian said "Sorry" after bumping me with his head.

11/26/84 Today Ian counted to 9.

11/27/84 Ian counted to 10 twice.

1/7/85 Ian counted to 11. (He did it twice a week or two ago.)

4/12/85 Ian counted to 12 (while counting 11 items).