Park Family Animals
Past and Present
in Miniature
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Douglas and Trixie, Brownsville James and Trixie, Whitby, 1943 Catherine and Wickie, Deep River Robert and black cat at the 509 Zoo Skylark and Warren, Fredericton, 1972 Shala in Oregon, 1973 Shala on the roof with Robert Walking the goats on Blue Ridge Road, Iowa Co. Wis. Casey with Princess, Windsor Wis. Nanny goat and Robin, Iowa Co. Wis. Lucy? the brown kid Robin, Debbie and 2 kids Robin, kid and Corki Three kids Corki and Robin in a tree, Columbia Co. WI Kitten checks out Robin's bottomless pit, Lake Wisconsin Corki greets Mischa Princess and Mischa visit the Pasque Flower Bluff, Lake Wisconsin Princess dances at Robert and Barbara's wedding Princess and Carrie playing Carrie living dangerously, Princess being good Shadow plays with marbles next to Corki Corki and Mischa (as a kitty) in a tree Tiffany gets in on the action with Ian and Barbara Princess Rusty at Lake Wisconsin Rusty with Ian in Madison, 1993 Krasna in Syracuse, 1995 Krasna 1995 Krasna gets a ride from Ian Krasna, Christmas 1997 Koko and Ian in Minneapolis, 1999 Lena with Robin Finnegan and Lena Finnegan and Lena Willow in Minneapolis Willow in Minneapolis Willow, Ian and Rusty, couch potatoes, Madison Nikolai in Madison April 2003 Zane Grey in Cleveland with 'lion cut', 5/1/04 Mr. Cat in Cleveland with Robert, 7/10/05 Rusty Jan. 2006 Larry Dec. 2009 Gryff on Instagram

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