Voice & Video

Hi Ho the Diary-O
Robin singing in car 1978

Sliding on the big shoe slide at Vilas Park
Robin and Daddy, 1978

Mother Goose Poems
Robin reciting nursery rhymes through
loudspeaker, Aug. 26, 1978

Tipperary and Camp Rest Parks
Robin on outing with Daddy, April 1979

A swing!
Robin, May 16, 1979

Young composer
Robin recording himself in the car, singing
a song about Mischa, June 22, 1979

Mischa learning dinosaurs names from Robin
April 15, 1981

Robin reading to Mischa
May 3, 1981

Clifford answers questions about Canadian elections (27 min.)
July 1982

Wilford at 83 (61 min.)
April 26, 1984
Recording by Warren

Clifford and Lillian Reunion Message (12 min.)
July 1991
Recording by Clifford

Barbara reading To a Little Brown Bat (1½ min.)
June 13, 2021

Ian takes up frisbee
Oct. 12, 1983
8mm movie by Robert

Robin's First Movie
Sept. 28 or 29, 1985
8mm movie by Robin

Thanksgiving Zoom 2020
(private family link on request)

Christmas Zoom 2020
(private family link on request)

Recordings by Robert unless otherwise noted