Letters by Family Members

Letters written by Wilford E. Park

Catherine's poems
May 16, 1955 letter to Mr. & Mrs. Wm. M. Leonard

Christmas card & note
Dec. 1957 card (with 1956 photo) & note to Mr. & Mrs. Wm. M. Leonard

Some day you will know
Excerpts from Feb. 18, 1962 letter to Robert Park

Warren in walking cast/wanted to become a medical missionary
Excerpts from Oct. 27, 1962 letter to Robert

Congregational Church
Excerpts from March 16, 1963 letter to Robert

I believe that Jesus is the Christ and the Son of God
April 28, 1963 letter to Robert

Warren's National Merit Scholarship exam
Excerpts from May 11, 1963 letter to Robert

The shallow humanist faith of unitarianism
Excerpts from Jan. 9, 1964 letter to Robert